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Your Company, Your Story

Every company has a story to tell.

I help early and growth-stage startups bring these stories to life.

Capabilities & Expertise


I position new ventures, products, and services, hone existing messaging, and empower teams to aim that message at raising awareness and generating demand.

Marketing Strategy

Together, we develop a marketing strategy that will facilitate growth.

Investor Pitch

With the right story, pitching investors is less daunting. 

Messaging & Positioning

Words matter. I help you get to the heart of your story.

Audience & Buyer Personas

 Gain deeper insights into your customer's challenges and goals.


Pivots are okay. I help companies get ready for the next chapter.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Because building a product is only the beginning of your journey.


About Me

Marketing Strategy and Storytelling

Throughout my childhood, writing stories was my favorite pastime. As a storyteller, I spent hours creating characters and story lines, and was intrigued by how the two are interconnected. Throughout my career, I have seen first-hand that this is true for businesses and their customers as well. 

As a marketing strategist, I am driven by a strong desire to bring a company's story to life. My focus is to enable early and growth-stage startups with a marketing foundation, so they can gain and accelerate share in the market with the right message in the right place, at the right time. 

My core values center around authenticity, empathy and adaptability. People who work with me know they can count on me to deliver results. 


Companies I've Worked With

roundCorner (acquired)
Translator LLC
Relay Network
Now IT Matters
Market Leaner
Berkshire Hathaway, Fox & Roach
CLIQ Digital (IPO)

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Tel: (610) 400-7845
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